About our pre-school

Little Dragons Pre-School are proud to provide a safe, caring and stimulating learning environment for children aged two - five years.

Little Dragons Pre-School operates from 'Church Meadow Bungalow' in the heart of Great Bromley. Established in 1977 as Great Bromley & Frating Playgroup, we were originally based in Great Bromley's Village Hall. In the following years we became an integral part of the local community and in January 2013, moved to our new premises.

We have close links to schools in the surrounding villages which, in addition to visits from future school teachers, make the transition from pre-school to primary school as smooth as possible for your child. Little Dragons offers a home visit to every child allowing the Key Person relationship to begin at home.


Play helps young children to learn and develop and at Little Dragons Pre-School we pride ourselves in the wide range of fun and stimulating indoor and outdoor activities we have to offer. The activities we provide are based on our observations and the lead is taken from the children, while our daily routine supports our childrens sense of security.

Sparky The Dragon

Sparky is our mascot and resident dragon.